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Xiantao Shi Tendor Rubber And Plastic Co.,Ltd is a professional production enterprise Roller,the product has been in the international advanced level.Companies have more than 20 years production history,due to constant technological transformation of enterprises and scientific and technological progress,and developed a generation of high-tech,long service life of the green environment-friendly products the next century-"Xin Shen Nong" brand series of rubber rollers.The product is hard and flexible,adaptable,anti-aging,non-degumming,good abrasion resistance,wear reduction CM/1.61KM:0.05,its hardness reached(Shore's)95°-98°,broken rate than Other similar products in the low 4%-6%,the product was crystal clear amber-like,translucent,by the china Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine under the GB/T 9874-1998 product inspection findings prove that the products do not contain human carcinogen-phenol,According to market research and the majority of user requirements specially launched the "Xin Shen Nong's"A-type,B-,C-type high wear-resistant products,the product uses Japanese technology imported raw materials.Please majority of users gave valuable advice.

Economic efficiency of enterprises with the scale of production expanded to the current average annual rate of 20% growth rate,annual production capacity to reach 200,000,the first domestic production of rubber roller,the products have been sold to more than 20 provinces and regions,the establishment of sales network more than 600.Foreign direct marketing in Asia,Africa,South America and other 18 countries and regions.Company commitment;to emphasize quality and vows for life,friendly exchanges,in good faith,based on reputation to be friends,is committed to customer service as the highest aim,threw himself sincerely to establish friendly trade relations with domestic and foreign merchants.General Manager Mr.Zheng Jijun and all staff warmly welcome friends to the four corners of trade talks,electric letter For more business,look for"Xin Shen Nong's"world famous husking roller is your ideal choice.

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